Laura Sauchelli



Art Director based in Milan, Italy.

In this spot you find my graphic works.

I often take pictures with a analogic camera (most of all),
I print & archive films and photos in clear folders but I try also to take them into memory through this portfolio.
This Tumblr is my collection of impressions, which tell a story with less aesthetics, silently.
D.Repubblica and FrizziFrizzi say something about me, time ago. I also won a photographic prize in 2012.
My sense of geometry and colors is satisfied in this feed.

Sometimes, I relate tales of places I visit.

As an object-accumulateur along with a brand-observateur i'm the author of the project Objectelling,
emotive stories about objects which i'm in love with.

Since childhood, I’m a paper enthusiast. I’m obsessed with rubber stamps, this has took shape into My Dear side project: FattoAmeno. Stationery goods made by rubber stamps, joy & pressure on paper to celebrate the amenities of life.

On LinkedIn you can find my full résumé.